Beach & Pool

Beach & Pool

Cayman’s Water Waves Invite you! It’s Time to Relax & Unwind! Staying at The White House in Grand Cayman is one of those rare luxuries that come with opulence. Sitting in front of the ocean on one of the exclusive silver sand beaches in Grand Cayman, The White House is an ideal place for small to medium range gatherings – for business or pleasure.

The entry from the majestic Porte entrance into what is known as the Great Room which offers a panoramic view of the ocean is an experience in itself.

A picturesque structure, The White House is the new address for relaxation and beach lounging in an ocean facing setting. Perfect for weddings, cocktail receptions & corporate events, The White House offers complete coordination services for a wide gamut of small gatherings. In The White House, guest will have access to an ocean view fresh water swimming pool, which invites guests for some real fun! Lay back & enjoy your stay in a beautiful & peaceful environment.

Weddings & Parties by the Beach Are you ready to live happily ever after? Tie the knot amidst an ocean of luxuries & festivities. We welcome you to host your wedding or cocktail reception at The White House and take back memories which will last with you forever. Great marriages start at The White House.

Corporate Plans by the Ocean Get together with your corporate plans at The White House. Enjoy the relaxing and casual seaside ambience of the Cayman Islands. Whether you are looking for a team trip or a corporate event, our place is the perfect venue for beach lounging in a waterfront setting. Are you ready to host your next corporate party on the Cayman Beach? Book a luxurious stay at The White House!

Play around on the waves! Great water sports activities await your arrival…

For guests looking to have some extraordinary fun, we will give you access to a number of eco-friendly beach water sports. Whether you are looking for a high-speed adventure, snorkelling beautiful reefs or simply lounging on a water hammock, we will assist you to make the most of your stay at The White House! Book now.

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